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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

chasing...女の子なし... hari yang berlalu...

ari nie semakin kebah demam...
bosan giler 4 the whole day cari tab n guitar chord...

tgh2 busan try a bit of quizez at fb...

what type of warrior are you?
ninja-You will kill your enemy easy and quikly and all they will see is a shadow.

what is your inner demon?
Chaos-one of the most powerfull demon in existence, Chaos's body itself is made from corrupted energy. his energy source is evil, chaos, corruption...everything negative. the more evil in the world, the stronger he is. however, Chaos is a demon who chose to fight for the good side, which makes him a dreaded opponent to any evil being, as the stronger that being is, the stronger Chaos will be. his abilities include healing himself and others from any and all ailments( an injury or a disease is corruption to a body, therefore he can absorb it), flight at incredible speeds, and energy manipulation. his greatest attack is the chaotic finale, an incredibly powerfull
dark assault using his chaos blade that even the strongest of opponents dread and succumb to.

What Videogame Hero Are You?
Kratos-You're a badass... What else is there to say? Your swords of Athena tear through any foe that stands in your way.

which final fantasy character are you?
Cloud Strife-Dark and confused. His head is always whirling with inner conflict which keeps all others at length. Propelled by fate, he contends with his past and present. A dark, yet ultimately
heroic figurehead of Final Fantasy VII

Which vampire are you?
Angel-dark and brooding, you nethertheless care deeply for all living things (that aren't killing people) and would do anything to save lives, unlike your alter-ego angelus

What Vampire Clan Are You?
Gangrel-Of all vampires, the Gangrel are perhaps closest to their inner nature. These nomadic loners spurn the constraints of society, preferring the comfort of the wilderness. How they avoid the wrath of the werewolves is unknown; perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the Gangrel are themselves shapeshifters. When a mortal speaks of a vampire changing into a wolf or a bat, she is probably speaking of a Gangrel.

What is your vampire power?
You can control water, wind, and earth;
You loved nature when you were human and now you control the
nature forces. You can do whatever you want with the natural

What vampire eye color do you have?
Golden eyes;
You are a compassionate creature, you care and are controled. It is easier for you to live with people and other vampires. You are practically perfect in everyway and people are Very
attracted to you, so be careful. You should still live out you long and glorius life how you want it though! :)

Whats your sex style?
You like to take it slow with lots of kissing and touching... Like the movies...

What kind of kiss are you?
Passionate Kiss.
You are the perfect kisser. The kisser of all time. You know when to kiss, and you kiss at the right moment. You put your feelings into every connection of the lips, and that, is what everybody wants....Where did you learn?

What Mythological Monster Are You?
You're a Vampire!
You are the villainous monster from Slavic mythology! You're cunning, sly, athletic, sophisticated, suave and majestic with stunning looks. Some of your kind can just be an easy- going, open- hearted type, while others can be antisocial and silent.Your skills and looks can sometimes make others jealous. Your natural rival and enemy is the werewolf.

What kind of DEMON are you?
Demon of Irritation.
You would be put in charge of sabotaging elections, creating nonlethal diseases, and giving children under the age of 16 the ability to talk. Go get exorcised., because I hate you.

Which of the Undead are you?
Forever beautiful, you are the Immortal Evil. Passionate,powerful, and deadly, you control all manner of Undead, using the weak as pawns in the game that is life. Your lust for power is great, and you go to great lengths to maintain your high place in undead society.

What movie should you be in, and as what character?
300 - Leonidas.
You are the bravest person your friends know. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the freedom of others and you have a ruthless do-good mentality.

which Horror Master are you?
Jason Voorhies.
the man behind the mask, unstoppable killing machine without mercy!

If you ruled the world, what would it look like?
You are the kind of leader that would show us a peaceful solution to ending our wars and stopping poverty. You are a compassionate person, and we would all be better off in the hands of someone like yourself. Everyone would be happy and at peace!

What is YOUR demon name?

What kinda dragon are You?
Chinese dragon.
you are wise and fair. others look to as an example and for advice. You lead on your people with care.

Which Transformers Character are you?
Optimus Prime.
Brave, strong and powerful. You are a heroic, brave and compassionate soldier. Someone who puts all their talent to use to improve the world around them. You have a strong sense of justice and righteousness, and dedicates yourself to the protection of all life, particularly the inhabitants of Earth.

What Sniper Rifle are you?
Remington M700.
Used maily as a law enforcement sniper rifle. This rifle is extremly accurate and can hit accuratly up to 1000 meters.

What Sword are You?
Very tactical in your ways of combat, you like to "think before you act"

how dark are you?
you love darkness, and dark clothes sometimes you looove skulls or evil stuff

What is your Totem Animal?
the Wolf.
Your Totem Animal is the Wolf, he is loyal and takes charge.He is a great teacher & helps you find the answers within yourself.

Which Serial Killer Are You?
Jack The Ripper.
You are an ordinary person, self-contained and perceived by others as quite mild-mannered. Inside, you are strong, cool and daring. You are generally very controlled and it takes a lot to make you angry. But when you blow...boy do you blow! You don't like to stand out from the crowd and, although a bit of a loner by nature, you are very good at blending in with colleagues and acquaintances.

What kind of soul do you posses?
Lonely Soul.
You have a lonely soul. You are probably depressed and like to be alone most of the time. you may think your all alone in the world but there are people out there who do care deeply for you, just open up and take a look around.

Which Batman Villain are you?
The Clown Prince of Crime; the Ace of Knaves; the Harlequin of Hate! With the smile of a madman, a twisted sense of humor and the laugh of a lunatic, you delight in little more than to cause chaos and anarchy for all of the people of Gotham City.

What football player are you??
Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.

Super skillfull player, with a large register of dribbles. Nobody takes the ball from him unless he loses it. A master on freekicks, headings, speed and crosses. Low consistancy.

What Warcraft 3 Hero are you?"
Your light footed, and stealthy. You hit hard, but can't take being punched. Your like to Hit and Run, and keep repeating the process.

What MARVEL villain are you?
Abomination You are the soldier who became a giant monster. You are stuck in that body.

What gun is best suited for you?
UZI Fast firing sub machine gun

Which is Your Spiritual Protector?
Thoth is considered one of the most important of Egyptian deities. He is the god of magic, wisdom, and the moon. He is drawn to protect you because you are balanced in logic and spirituality. When asking for guidance from Thoth always do it at night and face the moon. Also when doing this you can also light incense so that your prayers go up with the smoke, incense can also be a offering to Thoth, thanking him for the protection you receive from him

Which weapon would best suit you?
You are either very intelligent, a quick analysis or independant. Or more than one of these. Point is, you can fight your fears unaided.

Which Celtic Deity or Hero Are You?
You are connected to Pwyll, the \\\\"Cautious One\\\\" who learned by trial and error, and for that, became one of the most illustrious kings to ever rule in Wales. He was befriended by the Otherworld king Arawn, after he managed to defeat Arawn's greatest enemy, Hafgan, not by power or might, but by temperance and patience. Pwyll too married the Otherworld beauty, Rhiannon, who chose him as her partner, much like the sovereign land goddess chooses the king. Pwyll embodies the just king who dares to enter the Otherworlds, in order to maintain the balance and bring his people prosperity. He shows the masculine in harmony with the feminine, where even in a patriarchal society, the woman is still revered and honoured. Pwyll rules over the hunt, going after what you need and want, learning through experience and mistakes, persistence, honourable even when pulled by your desires, kingship of the \\\\"higher\\\\" quality, the divine sovereign, and the boar.

What Norse God are you?
You are the god of Wisdom, Warfare, and death. You are father of many, including Thor, and despise Loki, for one of his pranks killed on of your sons, Baldr.

What DC Superhero are you?
Green Lantern.
The Emerald Guardian. You are ready for anything but you value human life. You want something more in your life and something with purpose.

What God of Hell are you?
Azazel is a grandson of Beelzebub (Enlil). He is the twin brother of Astaroth. Both he and his twin sister Astaroth are the children of Beelzebub's son "Sin/Nannar" and Sin's wife "Ningal." Both Azazel and Astaroth have always been very close. Azazel is a warrior god of justice and truth.

Wich is your inner Psycho?
Jack the ripper.
as the ripper you troll the allies at night killing hookers any way you can, your a ghost no one has any idea its you. as the old agate goes they would never suspect its you

Who Are You, really?
You Are Your Own Category.
How you see yourself: You are impulsive and unpredictable. You don't know why you do the things you do or say the things you say, but you just want to be original. You thrive on the fact that others see you as weird, even though it hurts sometimes. How others see you: Others see you as weird kid. they might talk behind your back because of your obvious, in-your-face strangeness, but you don't seem to mind. You are your own person and you seem to know who you are, so others wish they could be you. They wish they could have the guts that you do to wear bright, possibly mismatched colors to school. Who you are: You are happy, but unstable and self-conscious. In an attempt to be original, you find yourself alone often because you don't think others want to be seen with you. You constantly question yourself and your motives, but you can't seem to figure out who you really are. But someday you will find out, and you will finally achieve the originality you strive for.