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Sunday, September 27, 2009

IT WAS, ekseden!!

it was 3rd RAYA i think...
it was the 1st tyme i had an amnesia after an accident... out of all of the accidents that i had...

it was like 9-10 am
i were woken up by the sms of my frenz telin me that there is a gatherin at a frenz house.. epol'
his house was the usual spot for a meet up.. so, i was late

get up n start take a shower..
wore my nicest cloth.. thers a convoy to a frenz house..
about 5-6 car..

i were at home.. after takin a bath... go downstair n take my helmet go out the house witout alarmin nybody of my departurenesszz huhuhu..

my side mirror was snatch last nite by a moron wateva.. so i thought to take an inside road.. jln kg... but it was straight.. n full of junction...

my bad i were on 150km/h... i didnt knew then i were in the accident itself... i were AMNESIA..

the thing that i were kind of conscious was when i were being shaved by the nurse there that tellin me that shes gonna stitch my chin.. it was bout 3-4 stitches..

'the funny thing is that the time i woke up from consciousness i was so blurred that i ask n ask the nurse not to stitches me up.. then again i didnt remember a damn thing..

pls dunt ask my bike... imagine that the front fork is made of steel damnly broke...

as usual i was being blame again n again...